see also Königin von Saba

Brand got originally introduced in 1898 as KÖNIGIN VON SABA (Queen of Saba) by GARBÁTY, in 1938 the company got expropriated by the Nazi's and the name of the brand got changed to SABA


German Democratic Republic 1950's
20 pieces in Sliding Box
Price 16 Pfg/piece = 3.20 DM
Producer VEB Garbáty Cigarettenfabrik Berlin
Trade Mark Owner VEB Garbáty Cigarettenfabrik
Saba Gold Filter

German Democratic Republic 1980's
20 pieces with Filter in Flip Top Box with Cellophane

Producer VEB Tabak Nordhausen
Trade Mark Owner VEB Tabak Nordhausen
Saba King Size Filter

Germany 1966
21 pieces with Filter in Soft Pack with Cellophane
Price 1.75 DM
Producer Garbaty Cigarettenfabrik GmbH, Berlin
Trade Mark Owner Garbaty
production discontinued in January 1968 (started October 1966)