Brand got introduced in 1970 by MONOPOLI DI STATO ITALIA for San Marino only. A few years later it was as well available at Italy until it got discontinued in the early 1980's. At September 2016 it got reintroduced at San Marino only made by Hungarian CONTINENTAL TOBACCO CORPORATION, but with wrong health warning.

Brand refers to the Monte Titano - the mountain where the smallest republic of the world - San Marino - is situated. The pack also carries the coat of arms of San Marino. The brand was concepted for the Republic of San Marino, but got sold at Italy as well.

Titano King Size Filtro
wearing a wrong health warning
San Marino 2016
20 pieces with Filter in Flip Top Box with Cellophane
Tar 6, Nicotine 0.5, Barcode 5998900510208
Producer Continental Tobacco Corp., Hungary
Trade Mark Owner ?
Titano Long Size Filtro

Italy 1970's
20 pieces with Filter in Soft Pack

Producer Monopoli di Stato Italia
Trade Mark Owner Monopoli di Stato Italia