Ahrensburg-Cigarettengesellschaft, located at Germany
Alexander Boguslavsky, located at London, United Kingdom
Allan Ramsay (Successors of), located at London, United Kingdom
Allan Ramsey & Company Ltd, located at Montréal H3C 3L6, Canada
Allen & Ginter Tobacco Co., located at Richmond, Virginia, USA
Amalgamated Tobacco Company Ltd., located at Luton, England, United Kingdom and Seychelles and South Africa
American Brands, located at USA
Amercian Cigarette Company (Overseas) Ltd.
American Tobacco Company, located at Durham, NC, USA
American Tobacco Company A/S, located at Denmark
S. Anargyros, located at New York, USA
Arcadian Tobacco Company Ltd., located at London, United Kingdom
Ardath Tobacco Co. Ltd., located at London, United Kingdom and Netherlands
Chr. Augustinus Fabrikker, located at Copenhagen, Denmark
Aureol Tobacco Co. Ltd., located at Freetown, Sierra Leone
AZET Cigarettenfabrik G.M.B.H., located at Hamburg-Bahrenfeld, Germany
B.A.T.-Pryluky, located at Pryluky, Ukraine
Batberg Cigarettenfabrik GmbH, located at Germany
Thomas Bear & Son, located at London, United Kingdom
Benson & Hedges, located at Toronto M3B 3L1, Canada
PT Bentoel, located at Malang, Indonesia
Black Butler Co., located at London, United Kingdom
Blue Nile Cigarette Company, located at Khartoum, Sudan
Blue Ribbon Cigarette Manufacturing Cy Inc., located at Switzerland
Brascuba S.A., located at Calle Princesa No 202, e/ Reyes e San José, Luyanó, La Habana, Cuba (50% ownership, other 50% belong to Cubatabaco)
Brinkmann Niemeyer, located at Germany
British American Tobacco Australasia, located at Virginia Park, Westfield Drive, Eastgardens, Sydney, Australia
British American Tobacco Belgium NV, located at Rue de Koninck 38, 1080 Bruxelles, Belgium
British American Tobacco (Brands) Inc., located at Louisville, Kentucky TP-GA-16, USA
British American Tobacco Chile Operaciones, located at Ruta 68 S/N°, Casablanca, Chile
British American Tobacco (Cyprus) Ltd., located at Cyprus
British American Tobacco (Czech Republic) s.r.o., located at Tepelská 137, 35301 Mariánské Lázné, Czech Republic
British American Tobacco France, located at 11, Avenue André Morizet, 92100 Boulogne Billancourt, France
British American Tobacco Germany, located at Alsterufer 4, Hamburg, Germany
British American Tobacco Ghana Ltd., located at Takoradi, Ghana
British American Tobacco Group
British American Tobacco (Holdings) Limited, located at Globe House, 4 Temple Place, WC2R 2PG London, United Kingdom
British American Tobacco Hungary, located at Puskás Tivadar u.5, 2040 Budaörs, Hungary
British Amercian Tobacco Indonesia Tbk., located at Plaza Exim 25th floor, Jalan 6ATOT Subroto 36-38, 12190 Jakarta, Indonesia
British American Tobacco Italy S.p.A., located at Via Amsterdam 147, 00144 Roma, Italy
British American Tobacco Japan, located at Japan
British American Tobacco Kenya, located at Nairobi, Kenya
British American Tobacco Korea, located at Seian Bldg. 14th floor, Shinmoonro1ka, Chongro, Seoul, South Korea
British American Tobacco Malaysia, located at Virginia Park, Jalan Universiti, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
British American Tobacco Mauritius, located at Mauritius
British American Tobacco Mexico, S.A. de C.V., located at Ave. Francisco l. Madero 2750 pte., Monterrrey, N.L. 64000, Mexico
British American Tobacco New Zealand, located at Auckland, New Zealand
British American Tobacco Nigeria, located at Lagos, Nigeria
British American Tobaco Nordic Oy, located at Pitkänsillanranta 3A, 00530 Helsinki, Finland
British American Tobacco p.l.c., located at Globe House, 4 Temple Place, London WC2R 2PG, United Kingdom
British American Tobacco Polska, located at ul. Tytoniowa 16, 16-301 Augustów, Poland
British American Tobacco (Romania) Investment S.R.L., located at 2000 Bucarest, Romania
British American Tobacco Russia, located at Polya Str. 9, Moscow 3rd Yamskogo, 125124 Russia
British American Tobacco (Singapore) Private Limited, located at 15 Senoko Loop, 758168 Singapore
British American Tobacco (South Africa), located at Industria 2042, Johannesburg, South Africa
British American Tobacco (South America) Ltd., located at Cno. C. Colman 5360, Montevideo, Uruguay
British American Tobacco Switzerland, located at 1211 Geneve 26, Switzerland
British American Tobacco Tanzania Ltd., located at Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
British American Tobacco The Netherlands BV, located at Boeing Ave. 31, 1119 PE Schiphol-Rijk, Netherlands
British American Tobacco Türkiye, located at Turkey
British American Tobacco Uganda, located at Kampala, Uganda
British American Tobacco Uzbekistan Tomonidan Ishlab Chiqarilgan (OAJ "UZBAT A.O."), Nosirov Ko'chasi 77, 700084 Toshkent, Uzbekistan
British American Tobacco Zaire, located at Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo
British American Tobacco Zimbabwe, located at Zimbabwe
A. Broches & Co., located at Amsterdam, Netherlands
Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation, located at Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Bucktrout & Co., located at Guernsey
Butler & Butler Tobacco Co., located at New York, USA
Carlton Cigarette Company, located at South Africa
Carlton Cigarette Company Ltd., located at Salisbury, Rhodesia
Carolina Cigarette Company Inc., located at Greensboro, NC, USA
Carreras Limited (House of Craven), located at London, United Kingdom
Cavalla Ltd., located at Cape Town, South Africa
Central Cigarette Company, located at Malta
Central Cigarette Manufacturers, located at Lusaka, Zambia
Central Tobacco Manufacturing Co. Ltd., located at Canada
Ceylon Tobacco Company Ltd., located at Sri Lanka
Chiletabacos S.A., located at Avda. El Bosque Norte 0125, Valparaiso, Chile
Cia. Chilena de Tabacos S.A., located at Avenida Colon 2572, Valparaiso, Chile
C.A. Cigarrera Bigott, located at Av. Fco. de Miranda, Los Ruices, Caracas, Venezuela
Cigarette Company of Jamaica Ltd., located at Twickenham Park, Jamaica
Cigarrera La Moderna, located at Ave. Francisco l. Madero 2750 pte., Monterrrey, N.L. 64000, Mexico
Cigarreria Morazan S.A., located at San Salvador, El Salvador
Compagnie de Tabac Cigarettes Sorbonne, located at London, United Kingdom and Switzerland
Courtleigh of London Ltd., located at England, United Kingdom
CTBAT International Co. Ltd., located at Hong Kong, China
Cumberland Inc., located at Delaware, USA
D. Missirian, located at Bruxelles, Belgium
Dallas Cigarette Company, located at Tucker, Georgia, USA
Davros, located at Bruxelles, Belgium
Dee Tobacco Company, located at the Netherlands
Direzione Generale delle Privative, located at Roma, Italy
Dixon & Hamilton, located at North Carolina, USA
Duvanska Industrija Vranje (DIV), located at Vranje, Serbia
Eastern Virginia Cigarettes Co., located at Netherlands
Edgeworth Inc., located at Richmond, Virginia, USA
Ed. Laurens, located at Den Haag, Netherlands and Geneve, Switzerland and Bruxelles, Belgium and Munich, Germany and London, United Kingdom
El Águila S.A., located at Calle del Nogal 212 and Sta. Cruz 78  and Av. Nextengo 78, Atzcapotzalco, Mexico D.F., Mexico
ETI (Ente Tabacchi Italiani) S.p.A., located at Roma, Italy
Fabrica de Tabacos Ultramarina, located at Luanda, Angola
Falcon, Calvo y Cia. Ltda., located at Argentina
Falk Tobacco Company, located at 45th street, New York, USA
R. Færchs Fabrikker, located at Denmark
P.T. Faroka S.A., located at Jakarta, Indonesia
Feodosijska Tyutyunova Fabrika, located at Vul. Drukhbi 62, 98111 Feodosiya, Ukraine
F.J. Burrus S.A., located at Boncourt, Switzerland
Forsyth Tobacco Products, located at Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27102, USA
Frères Chapchal, located at St. Petersburg, Russia
Garanis & Petrides Ltd., located at Nicosia, Cyprus
Garbáty, located at Berlin, Germany
Gladstone Cigarette Company
Goodwin & Co., located at New York, USA
Guernsey Tobacco Company Ltd., located at Guernsey
Haus Bergmann Cigarettenfabrik
House of Craven Ltd., located at Toronto M6A 2W4, Canada
House of Edgeworth, located at Richmond, Virginia, USA
House of Oxford, located at Toronto M3B 3L1, Canada
House of Piccadilly, located at London, United Kingdom
House of Prince A/S, located at Tobaksvejen 4, 2860 Sřborg, Denmark
House of Prince Poland S.A., located at 32-400 Myslenice, Jawornik 360, Poland
House of Prince Riga SIA, located at Miera iela 58, 1013 Riga, Latvia
Imperial Brands Ltd., located at Montréal H3C 3L6, Canada
Imperial Tobacco Canada Ltd., located at 3810 Saint-Antoine Street, Montreal H4C 1B5, Canada
India Tobacco Company Limited, located at India
International Brands Ltd.
Itämainen Paperossitehdas, located at Helsinki, Finland
ITC Limited, located at 37 Chowringhee, Kolkata - 700071, India
J.L. Tiedemanns Tobaksfabrik AS, located at Joh. H. Andresens vei 5, 0607 Oslo, Norway
J. van Kerckhof, located at Amsterdam, Netherlands
John Perilly, located at London, United Kingdom
John Player & Sons, located at Montreal H3C 3L6, Canada
John Sinclair Ltd., located at Newcastle on Tyne, United Kingdom
John Thomass, located at Liège, Belgium
Johnson's Co., located at Belgium
Jubilé SA, located at Liège, Belgium
Karl Geissinger KG, located at Dresden, Germany
Kibris Türk Tütün Endüstrisi, located at Lefkosa, Cyprus
Kinney Brothers, located at New York, USA
Kristinus Cigarettenfabrik, located at Munich and Wiesbaden, Germany
Kurmark Cigarettenfabriken, located at Germany
Kyriazi Frères, located at Hamburg, Germany
La Cigarette Orientale S.A., located at Bruxelles, Belgium
Lane Limited, located at New York 28 and 2280 Mountain Industrial Blvd., Tucker, Georgia 30084, TP-17-GA, USA
Larus & Brother Co. Inc., located at Richmond, Virginia, USA
Levkovich Factory No.2, located at Russia
Livland-Cigaretten-GmbH, located at Germany
London Tobacco Company, located at England, United Kingdom
Lorillard Tobacco Company, located at 714 Green Valley Rd., Greensboro, NC 27408-7018, USA
Louis Dobbelmann, located at Rotterdam, Netherlands
Louis Doize, located at Belgium
Malaysian Tobacco Company Bhd.
Manufacture de Cigarettes et Tabacs S.A., located at Switzerland
Martin Brinkmann, located at Bremen, Germany
Martins (of Piccadilly) Ltd., located at London, United Kingdom
Matossian, located at Bruxelles, Belgium
Matossian, located at Alexandria and Cairo, Egypt
M. Melachrino & Co., located at London, United Kingdom
Mercury West AG Inc.
Metro, located at Berlin, Germany
Mills Cigarettes Ltd. located at Luton and London, United Kingdom
Mitjans, Colombo y cia SA, located at Malabia 444, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Monopoli dei Tabacchi, located at Roma, Italy
Monopoli di Stato Italia (Italian Tobacco Monopoly). located at Vua I Vivanti 195, 00144 Roma, Italy
Moonlight Tobacco Co., located at USA
Morazáu Tobacco Company, located at El Salvador
Muratti, located at Berlin, Germany
Murray Sons & Co. Ltd, located at Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
National Tobacco Company, located at Guatemala
Nelson Tobacco Co.
ZAO Nevo Tabak, located at Klinskij Pr. 25, St. Petersburg, Russia
Nigerian Tobacco Co. Plc, located at Lagos, Nigeria
Nobleza-Piccardo, located at Av. 85 - San Martin N° 645, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Norsk-Engelsk Tobakkfabrikk (NETO), located at Grefsenvn. 26, Oslo, Norway
C.W. Obels Tobaksfabrik, located at Aarlborg, Denmark
Odon Warland s.a., located at 8338 Bruxelles, Belgium
Oriental-Kim Cigaretten-Werk G.m.b.H., located at Germany
Pacific Tobacco Company Ltd.
Pakistan T.C. Ltd., located at Islamabad, Pakistan
Pall Mall
Pécsi Dohánygyár, located at Pecs, Hungary
Perilly's Tobacco Manufacturers Ltd.
Peter Jackson (Overseas) Ltd.
Peter Stuyvesant Cigarettes Ltd.
Peter Stuyvesant of Canada, located at Toronto M3B 3L1, Canada
P.J. Carroll & Company Ltd., located at Burton Hall Park, Sandyford, Dublin 18, Ireland
Prilucky Tobacco Co., located at Priluki, Ukraine
Prilutskij Tyutyunovij Kombinat, located at Priluki, Ukraine
Przedsiebiorstwo Wyrobów Tytoniowych w Augustowie, located at Augustowie, Poland
Quality Cigarette & Tobacco of Canada Inc., located at Canada
Régie Ottoman des Tabacs, located at Turkey
Régie Turque, located at Turkey
Republic Tobacco Company, located at Costa Rica
Rembrandt Tobacco Corporation, located at Netherlands and South Africa
Reynolds American Inc., located at Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27102, USA
R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., located at Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27102, USA
R.J. Reynolds Tobacco, s.r.o., located at Struharov, 25601 Benesov, Czech Republic
R.J. Reynolds (UK) Ltd., located at London, England, Great Britain
Rigas Tabakas Fabrika, located at Riga, Latvia
Riggio Tobacco Corporation, located at New York, USA and Johannesburg, South Africa
Rinsoz & Ormond, located at Vevey and Payerne, Switzerland
Rock City Tobacco Company, located at Toronto M3B 3L1, Canada
Rothmans-Nevo, located at Konnaya Lakhta, Russia
Rothmans of Pall Mall
Royal Theodorus Niemeyer B.V., located at Groningen, Netherlands
Royals Tobacco Company, located at South Africa
Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company, located at Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Saratov Tabachnaya Fabrika, located at Russia
Scandinavian Tobacco S.A., located at 32-400 Myslenice, Jawornik 360, Poland
Scandinavian Tobacco SIA, located at Miera iela 58, 1013 Riga, Latvia
Senior Service (Overseas) Ltd., located at England, United Kingdom
Shandong-Rothmans Tobacco Co., Ltd., located at China
Simon Arzt Cigarettenlizenz GmbH, located at Bonn, Germany
Singapore Tobacco Co. (Pte) Ltd., located at Singapore
Skandinavisk Tobakskompagni, located at Copenhagen, Denmark
F.L. Smith, located at London, United Kingdom
Souza Cruz S.A., located at Av. Presidente Vargas, 3131, Rio de Janeiro, 20210-030 Brazil
Stanwell Tobak A/S, located at Denmark
Stephano Bros. Tobacco Co., located at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
St. James Tobacco Company, located at London, United Kingdom
St. Paul's Tobacco Company, located at London, United Kingdom
St. Regis Tobacco Corporation Ltd., located at Malaysia
St. Vincent Manufacturing Co. Ltd., located at Arnos Vale, Saint Vincent
Sullana S.A., located at Zurich , Switzerland
Suomen Tupakka O.Y., located at Finland
Surya Tobacco Co (P) Ltd., located at Nepal
Tabacalera Nacional S.A., located at Guatemala, Guatemala
Tabacalera Nacional S.A., located at Av. La Molina 140, Lima, Peru
Tabacchi Egei Manifattura Italiana, located at Rhodes, Greece
Tabachnoye obedinenie/Tabachnaya Fabrika Yava, located at Moscow, Russia
Tabacofina Vander Elst SA, located at Prins Boudewijnlaan 43, 2650 Edegem, Belgium
Tabacs Turcs S.A. (cooperation between Tekel and Rinsoz & Ormond), located at Vevey, Switzerland
Tabalux SA, located at Antwerp, Belgium
Tabarwanda, located at Kigali, Rwanda
Tabazaire, located at Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo
TAHSA, located at Honduras
T. C. Inhisarlar Idaresi, located at Turkey
Tekel (former Turkish Tobacco Monopoly), located at Unkapani, Istanbul, Turkey
The Combined Tobacco Co., located at Den Haag, Netherlands
The West Indian Tobacco Co. Ltd, located at Champ Fleurs, Trinidad, Trinidad & Tobago
Theodorus Niemeyer, located at Groningen, Netherlands
Tobacco Importers and Manufacturers Sdn. Bhd., located at Jalan Universiti, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tobacco Products Corporation, located at USA
Tonga Cigaretten GmbH, Speyer am Rhein, Germany
OOO Torgovyj Dom Nevo Tabak, located at Levashovskij pr., 13lit.E, 197110 St. Petersburg, Russia
Transatlantic Tobacco Company (Pty.) Ltd., located at Johannesburg, South Africa
Transnational Tobacco Industries, located at Richmond, Virginia, USA
Tuckett Tobacco Company Limited, located at Hamilton, Canada
Turmac (Turkish-Macedonian) Tobacco Company
Tvornica Duhana Zadar, located at Zadar, Croatia
Tyutyunova Fabrika Priluki, located at Priluki, Ukraine
United Cigarette Co. Ltd., located at Geneve, Switzerland
United Cigarette Factory Inc., located at New York, USA
United Tobacco Agencies, located at Netherlands
United Tobacco Company Limited, located at Johannesburg, South Africa
Valor Tobacco Company, located at USA
Vander Elst (Frères), located at Antwerp, Belgium
S.A. Vautier Frères & Cie, located at Yverdon-Grandson, Switzerland
Victoria Cigaretten Verkoop Maatschappij BV, located at Netherlands
Vittoria Egyptian Cigarette Co., located at Rotterdam, Netherlands
Vogelsang, located at Germany
Warwichs Cigaretfabrikken, located at Kopenhagen, Denmark
W.D. & H.O. Wills, at Asia
W. Duke, Sons & Co., located Durham, N.C. and New York, USA
W. Lande, located at Munich, Germany
Westminster Tobacco Co. Ltd., located at London, United Kingdom
Wills, at Asia
Winfield Tobacco Company, located at Westfield Drive Eastgardens, New South Wales 2036, Australia
Winston Tobacco Company Ltd., located at Braamfontein, South Africa
Winston Tobacco Company Ltd., located at Harare, Zimbabwe
Xabana, located at Greece
Yosma GmbH, located at Bremen, Germany

In 1902 IMPERIAL TOBACCO COMPANY (GB) and AMERICAN TOBACCO COMPANY (US) agree to stay in their own countries and to form BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO COMPANY to sell both companies' brands abroad. Becomes 1911 a public company. Acquires 1914 Brazilian SOUZA CRUZ. Acquires 1925 overseas business of ARDATH TOBACCO and with it the rights to State Express 555 brand. Acquires 1927 BROWN & WILLIAMSON. Acquires 1932 German HAUS BERGMANN ZIGARETTENFABRIK. Acquires 1956 overseas business for Benson & Hedges brand. In 1972 the 1902 covenant with Imperial Tobacco is revoked. British-American Tobacco gains exclusive ownership of its original brands, including State Express 555, in the UK and Western Europe. Acquires 1977 the international business of LORILLARD. Acquires 1992 Hungarys PÉCSI DOHÁNYGYÁR. Buys in 1994 AMERICAN TOBACCO from AMERICAN BRANDS. In 1999 merger with ROTHMANS INTERNATIONAL and purchase of Croatian TVORNICA DUHANA ZADAR. Acquires 2000 Canadas IMPERIAL TOBACCO. Acquires 2003 Italian ETI. Sells 2004 BROWN & WILLIAMSON to R.J.REYNOLDS. Acquires 2008 Turkish TEKEL. Aquires 2009 Indonesian BENTOEL. Acquires in 2017 REYNOLDS AMERICAN.

(unlabeled), (1071 Malazgirt), 1703, (20), (2001), 3 Roses, 43 70, (48), 777, (821), (A.O.I.), AC, Accord, (Actron), (Advance), (Africa), (Agusta), (Aida), (Airports), (Ajja), Alas, (Alaska), (Albany), (Albatros), (Albert), Alfa, (Alitas), (Alva), Amadis, (Amazone), Ambassade, (Ambrosiana), American, (American Longs), (American Star), (Amigo), (Amstel), (Anchor), (Apis), (Apollo Soyuz), Ara, Arctic, (Arctic Lights), Ardath, (Argentinos), (Ariston), (Ariza), Arizona, Arktika, (Armijski), (ARO), Arsenal, Arté, (AS), (Ascot), Aspen, (Astra), (Aurora), Auslese, Austin, (Ava), (Avalon), Avanti, Avrora, Azzurra, B&H, Bafra, Bahar, (Bali), Ballica, (Baltica), (Baltija), Baltijskiye, (Bangle), Barclay, (Barclays), (Baris), (Baronet), (Bars), Barton, (Batberg), Belair, Belga, Belinda, Belmont, (Belomorkanal), Benson & Hedges, Bentoel, Berkeley, Best, Best Choice, Best Value, (Beverly), Bijuli, (Biltmore), Bima, Birinci, Bis, Bitlis, (Black Beauty), Black Cat, (Blue Master), Blue Ribbon, (Bogazici), Bohemios, (Bolane), (Bolero), (Bond Street), Boots, (Borkum Riff), (Borodino), Boule d'Or, Boule Nationale, (Boulevard), Brandon, (Breeze), (Bremen), Brent, (Brentwood), Brera, (Bridge), (Brigantina), (Briggs), (Bright), (Brinkmann), Bristol, (Broadway), (Brooklyn), (Brookwood), (Buckingham), (Bucktrout's Virginia), (Bull Durham), (Burleigh), (Burrus), (Bursa), (Bursa Milli Fuari), Caballero, (Cabinet), Caines, California Gold, (Calipso), Cambridge, Camel, Cameo, (Camlica), Canadian Classics, (Canasta), (Capitol), Capri, Caprice, Capstan, Carlton, Carolina Gold, Carrolls, (Cartier), (Cascade), Casino, (Casinos), (Cavalier), (Cavalla), Cecil, (Century), (Cercle du Bosphore), (Champagne), (Champion), (Chanceller), Charm, (Charmant), (Charter), Checkers, (Chelsea), Chernomorskie, (Chesterfield), (Chevron), (Chief Whip), Christian of Denmark, (Cirene), City, (Clan), (Claremont), (Classic), (Clifton), (Clipper), Club, (Club 4), Cohiba, (Coins), Colombo, (Colonial), (Colony), (Columbia), (Columbus), (Commander), (Commodore), Compass, (Condor), Consul, Consulate, (Contessa), Continental, Conway, Cool Black, (Corail), Corner, (Corps Diplomatique), Cortina, (Cory), (Comos), (Cost Cutter), Country, (Courier), Courtleigh, (Cow-Boy), (Cowboy), Craven, Cristal, Crown, Crown Bird, (Daisy), Dakota, Dallas, (Dalton), Danton, (Danville), (Dark), (Davaj, Zakurim), (Davros), (Dawn), (Daytona), (DB), Del Prado, (Delegatskie), (Delmar), Delta, Derby, (Dickens & Grant), (Dimok), Diplomat, (Domino), Doral, (Dorchester), Dorset, (Double Eight), (Douglas), Downtown, (Dr. Dushkind), (Drava), (Drina), Drug, du Maurier, (Dubec), (Ducados), Ducal, (Due Palme), (Duke Of Durham), (Dukes), Dunhill, Eclipse, (Edelweiss), (Edelwuchs), (Edgeworth), (Efes), (Ege), (Egyptian Deities), (Egyptica), (Eli Cutter), Elita, (Elite), (Elmo), (Embajadores), Embassy, (Embra), (Emir Orient), Empire, Emu, (Enerji Tasarrufu Haftasi), (Erste Lese), (Escale), Escort, (Esplanade), Esportazione, (Essor), Eura, (Eva), (Eve), Everest, Excel, Excellence, (Export "A"), (Expres), (Exzellenz), (Fact), Fair Play, (Falcon), (Faroka), Fecske, (Feeling Free), (Feodosijski), (Festivalnye), (FIB), (Fiera di Milano), Fiesta, (Fifty Fifty), Filter 2000, (Filtra), (Filtron), (Filtrs), Finas, Finesse, (Five Star), (Fjodor), (Flair), (Fonoy), (Fontanares), (Form), Formula, Fors, Fort, (Fortetsya), Four Aces, (Fragantes), Française, Free, Freedom, Frégate, (Fresco), Fumo Trevo, (Futura), (Gala), Gallant, (Garbáty), Gauloises, (Gelincik), (Gentry), (Getsburn), (Gilmor), Gitanes, (Giuba), (Giubek), Gladstone, (Global), (Gloria), (Gold Coast), (Gold Crest), Gold Dollar, Gold Flake, Golden American, Golden Beach, (Golden Fiction), (Golden Lane), Golden Lights, (Golden Line), (Golden Mercury), (Golden West), (Golf), GPC Approved, Grande Turismo, (Granfiltro), (Gratos), (Green Mist), (Grom), Grot, (Guards), (Gul), (Güldenring), (Gunston), H. Upmann, (Half And Half), (Hallmark), Hamilton, (Hanimeli), Harley-Davidson, (Harrow), (Haus Bergmann Privat), (Haus Bergmann Selecta), (Havana), HB, (Helmar), (Herbert Tareyton), (Hermitage), (Herold), Herzegovina Flor, Hetman, (HIˇQ), Hi-Val, (High Kings), High Society, Hilton, (Hisar), (Hit Parade), (Hjemmeavlet Tobakk), (Hogshead), Holiday, Hollywood, (Honey-Toasted Tobacco), (Honeydew), (Horizon), Horseman, (Hygis), (Ibar), (Ibis), (Iceberg), (Idlewild), (IGA), Iguana, (Ikinci), Impala, Imperator, (Imperial), India Kings, (Indigene), (Inprodtorgmash), InterBru, Intore, (Iplic), (Iskra), (Izmir), Jacks, (Jadran), Jakarta, Jan III Sobieski, (JOB), Jockey, (Jockey Club), John Brandon, John Player Gold Leaf, John Player Special, John Rolfe, (John Thomass), (Johnson), (Joltams), (Josma), (Joy), (Jubilćum), (Jubilee), (Jumbos), Jurmala, Kamel, Kansas, (Karavella), Kariyer, Karvon, (Kazbek), (Kelly), Kent, (Kentucky Kings), (Kevyt), (KF), Khukuri, (Kibris), (kim), King's, Kingsgate, Kingsport, (Kingsway), (Knyaz), (Königin von Saba), (Kongress), Kool, Kosmos, (Kosmoss), (Koštana), Kozak, (Krakatoa), (Krasnopresnenskiye), Krone, Kronwerk, (Kulüp), Kurmark, (Kuta), (L&M), (L.T. Brown), LA, (LA Los Angeles), (Lancaster), (Lasso), (Laurens), Leningrad, Leningradskiye, Lexington, Liberation, Liberty, Lido, (Life), (Linda), (Livland), (Lloyd), London, (Long), (Long John), (Long Johns), (Long Run), (Long Way), Look, Lord, (Lords), (LR), (Luch), Lucky Strike, Lux, (Lviv), (M), (Macedonia), Madison, (Maestro), Magna, Mahé, Main, Major, (Major Brand), (Malibu), Maltepe, (Manchester), (Manhattan), Mantano, (Marco do Brasil), (Mark Ten), Marlboro, Marocaine, (Martin Brinkmann Jahrescigarette), (Martins), (Martins Gold Leaf), (Martins No.1), Marvel, (Marvels), Mary Long, (Mary Slim), (Maryland), (Marysieńka), (Mascot), Master, (Masters), Match, Matelot, Matinée, (Matossian), Matterhorn, Maverick, Max, (Mayo's Spearmint Blend), (Mazurskie), (Mc Logan), (Meclis), Medallion, (Mediteran), (Melachrino), (Melacrino), (Melody), Meltem, Men, (Mento), (Mentola), (Mercedes), (Mercury), (Meridian), Meskie, (Metro), (Metropol), Mewa, (Millbank), (Millenium), (Millennium), (Millennium Edition), Mills, Minister, (Mink), (Miss Blanche), Mistral, Misty, (ML), Mokri, (Moment), (Monaco), (Monarca), Monarch, (Mongoles), Monomakh, Montana, (Montclair), (Monte Carlo), Monterrey, (Montreal), (Monza), Morava, More, Morello, (Moro), (Moskva), MS, Mt.d'or, Multifilter, Mundial, (Murad), Muratti, Mustang, n80, (Nacionales), (Nádor), (Napoleon), National, Natural American Spirit, Nazionale, Nazionali, (Neptun), Neptune, Nevada, Nevo, Nevo Tabak, (Nevskiye), Newland, Newmore, Newport, (Nix), (No.1), (Nobless), (Noblesse), (Nord), (Nordfront), (Norskavlet Tobakk), North Star, North State, Norton, (Novogodniye), (Novost), Now, NT, (Nyota), (Oiva), Okapi, (Old Castle), Old Gold, (Old Mac), (Omar), Orienta, (Orientali), (Original Virginia), (Ormond), Otaman, (Overstolz), (OW), (Oxford), (Paarl), (Pacific), Pacifico, (Pack), (Paco Rabanne), (Palette), Pall Mall, (Pamir), (Pantera), (Paramount), Parisienne, Parisiennes, (Park Drive), (Parliament), (Passing Show), Paul Revere, Payasos, Peer, (Peerage), Perilly's, Perkins, (Pervomaiskie), Peter Jackson, Peter Johnson, Peter Stuyvesant, Petterře's, Phoenix, Piccadilly, Pierre Cardin, Pilot, (Piloto), (Pinnacle), Pirate, Planet, Player's, (Player's P&S), Plaza, (Plenty), (Polar), (Politix), (Polyot), (Popolari), Popular, (Praditos), (Préféré), Presidente, Premier, Prima, Prime, (Priméros), Prince, (Prince Albert), (Prince de Monaco), (Prince of Wales), (Princeton), Prinsip, Private Stock, (Pro), (Prylukskye), Pryluky, (Prylutski), (Pyotr I), Pyotr Veliki, Quattro, (Queen), Queen's Favourites, Raleigh, Rambler, Rameses, Rameses II, Ransom, (Ravenklau), (Real), (Record), Red, Red Rock, (Regent), (Regina), (Régie Turque), (Remaja), Rembrandt, (Renta), Reven, Rex, (Reyno), Reynolds, (Rheinfels), (Rialtos), Richland, Richmond, (Riga), (Right), Ritz, (Rival), (Riviera), (Rock), Rockets, Rocky Mountains, (Rodi), (Roland), (Románc), Romeo y Julieta, Ronson, Rooster, Rossiyskiye, (Rot Weiss), Rothmans, Rothmans 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Pobedy!), (Spring), (Sputnik), SSSR, (St. James), (St. Michel), St. Moritz, (Stadion), (Stanwell), (Stapps), (Star), Starmild, (State Express 333), State Express 555, Steels, Stella, (Stern), Sterling, (Stolichnye), Stop, Stradbroke, Strela, Style, (Suedes), (Sullana), (Sultan Carabatac), Summit, (SunDance), Super, Superslims, Surya, (Süvari), (Suvenirnye), (Suzdali), Sweet Afton, Sweet Caporal, Sweet Dreams, (Sylvan), (Tachanka), (Tall), (Tandem), Tareyton, Teddy, Tekel 2000, Tekel 2001, (Temple Bar), (Tempo), (Ten Cent), Tennyson, Terong, Texan, (Texas), (The Three Castles), (Three Castles), (Three Lions), Three Rings, Ticos, (Tigra), Time, (Timo), (Tipo Esportazione), (Titano), Tivoli, (Today), (Tokat), Tom-Tom, (Tonga), (Toronto), (Tramps), (Tre Stelle), (Trembita), Triumph, Troika, True, Trumf, (Truva), Tumbaco Legere, (Turf), (Turmac), Turkish Special, Türkü, (Turret), Twenty, (Twist), Vatra, (Universiada Moskva), (Uptown), (Uso Egiziano), V, (V.S.O.P.), (Valiant), (Valmont), (Vanity Fair), Vantage, (Vatra), Vecherniye, (Vecriga), Vegas, (VF), Viceroy, Victoria, Victory, (VII European Regional Conference), Vikend, Viking, (Vila Rica), (Virginia), Virginia Gold, Virginie, Viscount, Vision, (Vizit), (VK), Vogue, (Walet), Wall Street, (Waterford), (Weltfilter), (Wembley), West, Western, (Westminster), Westpoint, White Horse, Wills, Wills Flake, Winchester, Windsor, Winfield, (Wings), Winston, (Whitfield), (Worth), (WY Chester), (Xanthia), Xon, XS, (Yaka), (Yakutiya), (Yantarnye), (Yanx), (Yaset), Yava, (Yava Papirosy), Yava Zolotaya, Yeni Harman, (Yenice), (Yesilköy), (Yorck), (York), Yves Saint Laurent, (Zack), Zenit, (Zeta), Zhirinovski, (Zodiak), Zolotoye Runo, (Zolotoi Plyazh), (Zvezda)