Ahmed Soliman, located at Cairo, Egypt
Dr. A. Bustany, located at Cairo, Egypt
Eastern Company S.A.E., located at 450 Alahram St., Giza, Egypt
Eastern Tobacco Co., located at Cairo, Egypt
En-Nasr Tobacco Co., located at Egypt
Maspero Frères, located at Cairo, Egypt
Nicolas Soussa & Frères, located at Cairo, Egypt
Simon Arzt, located at Alexandria, Cairo and Port Said, Egypt
Y. Gamsaragan & Co., located at Alexandria and Cairo, Egypt

Founded in 1920 as EASTERN TOBACCO by BRITISH-AMERICAN TOBACCO. When it got nationalized in 1957 it held already 75% of the national market. After merger with EN-NASR in 1984 the new name is EASTERN COMPANY, from there on it has the monopoly to produce cigarettes in Egypt.

(Asswan), Belmont, Boston, Camel, Carlton, (Cherif), Cleopatra, (Delta), du Maurier, Dunhill, (Florida), Gitanes, (Giza), (Gold Flake), (Hanem), (Isis), Kansas, Kent, L&M, Lite, Marlboro, (Maspero Specials), (Matinée), Merit, Mondial, (Nefertiti), President, Rothmans, (Royal Dragoons), (Shahir), Silk Cut, (Simon Arzt), (Soussa), (Suez), (Taba), Toshka, (Wadi), Wasp, Winston