Korea Tobacco & Ginseng Corporation, located at Pyonchon-dong 100, Taedeog-gu, 306-130 Taejon City, South Korea
OOO KT&G Russia, located at Kaluzhskaya Oblast, 249020 Russia

Founded in 1899 as an agency of the IMPERIAL HOUSHOLD, but for Ginseng only. In 1909 it started with the tobacco business. In 1948 it became MONOPOLY BUREAU OF MINISTRY OF KOREA. In 1952 it became OFFICE OF MONOPOLY. In 1987 it became KOREA MONOPOLY CORPORATION. In 1989 it became KOREA TOBACCO & GINSENG CORPORATION. Got privatized in 1999. Opens in 2008 a branch at Turkey.

Africa, Arirang, (Ballon Flower), (Black Jack), Blooming, Bohem, Bohem Cigar, Carnival, Cima, Cloud 9, Davidoff, (Edge), Eighty Eight, Entz, Esse, (Expo), (Geobugseon), (Get 2), (Glory), Hallasan, (Hanaro), Hoopa, (Hwan Hee), Lilac, lim, Lo Crux, (Lumen), (Mount Class), Omar Sharif, Pine, Pine Tree, Pleasure, Raison, Rich, Rose, (Samyeon), Seasons, Simple, Sinabro, Sun, The One, This, Time, Tonino Lamborghini, Vision, Zest