Allen & Ginter, located at Richmond, USA
Cameron & Cameron Co., located at Richmond, USA
Drummond Tobacco Co., located at St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Eilebrecht Cigarettenfabrik, located at Frankfurt, Germany
Eve Holdings Inc., located at North Carolina, USA
H. Ellis & Co., located at Baltimore, USA
Liggett Group Inc., located at Mebane, North Carolina, USA
Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company, located at North Carolina, USA
Sideva Compagnie GmbH, located at Berlin, Germany
The Medallion Company Inc., located at Richmond, Virginia, USA

Founded in 1873 by John Edmund Liggett and George S. Myers as LIGGETT & MYERS TOBACCO COMPANY. Acquires 1888 DRUMMOND TOBACCO COMPANY with it's Chesterfield brand. Gets aquired by AMERICAN TOBACCO COMPANY in 1899 until 1911. Launches 1963 Lark cigarettes. Changes it's name to LIGGETT & MYERS, INC. in 1968. Launches 1970 Eve cigarettes. Changes it's name to LIGGETT GROUP INC. in 1976. In 1978 PHILIP MORRIS aquires it's non-US international business. Gets aquired in 1980 by GRAND METROPOLITAN PLC which sell's it in 1986 to Bennet S. LeBow. Launches 1988 Pyramid cigarettes. In 1990 it becomes part of LeBow's holding company BROOKE GROUP. Sell's 1999 the brands L&M, Lark and Chesterfield to PHILIP MORRIS. Launches 1999 Liggett Select cigarettes. In 2000 the BROOKE GROUP becomes VECTOR GROUP.

(Adam), (All Star), Brand Marketing, Canyon, (CFM), (Chesterfield), Class 'A', (Covington), (Decade), (Devon), (Duke Of Durham), (Dunhill), Eagle, Epic, Eve, (F&D), (Fatima), (Filter), (Frontier), (GPC Approved), Grand Prix, (Home Run), Jade, Kingsport, (L&M), (Lark), Liggett Select, (Louisiana World Exposition 84), (Masterpiece), (Monticello), Meridian, (Oasis), Omni, (Picayune), (Pyramid), Quality Lights, (Rainbow Brand), Ralph's, (Recruit), (Saver's Choice), (Savvy), (Scotch Buy), (Sheffield), Sincerely Yours, (St. Moritz), Stater Brothers, (Stride), Taste Of America, (Tourney), (USA), (Vello), (Yours)