1784 May, 8th - Foundation of KAISERLICHE TABAK-REGIE, the Austrian tobacco monopoly.
1848 KAISERLICHE TABAK-REGIE launches it's first cigarette, it has a wooden mouthpiece and production gets stopped after a few years only.
1865 KAISERLICHE TABAK-REGIE launches it's first successful cigarette, called ORDINÄRE DOPPEL-CIGARETTE. It's 2 times longer than a usual cigarette with a mouthpiece at both sides. It had to get cut into two before litting it up.
1866 The launch of the first Austrian cigarette was such a success that KAISERLICHE TABAK-REGIE launched already 1 year later several other brands: BAFFRA, DAMEN, GEMISCHTE, SALON, SAMSUN, STAMBUL and SULTAN
1867 Austrian Empire gets renamed to Austro-Hungarian Empire, therefore KAISERLICHE TABAK-REGIE gets renamed to KAISERLICH KÖNIGLICHE TABAK-REGIE
1877 KAISERLICH KÖNIGLICHE TABAK-REGIE launches 10 different test brands for a period of 5 years to find out what the customer prefers. The very imaginative names of these brands: BEKTEMIS, FITSCHIRTI, GELEPLI, INGIES, KIRIZILLER, LA CONQUETTE, LA FORCE, MURSAL, OKSILAR and TSCHAKIRLI
1882 The clear winner of the 5 years test marketing was LA FORCE. All 10 test brands got discontinued, the LA FORCE type got introduced as SPORT, one of the most successful brands of KAISERLICH KÖNIGLICHE TABAK-REGIE for almost a century.
1892 currency "Gulden" (= 100 Kreuzer) gets replaced by "Kronen" (= 100 Heller)
1916 KAISERLICH KÖNIGLICHE TABAK-REGIE opens a factory at Munich (Germany)
1918 November, 12th - the last Austrian emperor Karl I. abdicates, Austria becomes a republic
1925 April, 1st - currency "Kronen" gets replaced by "Schilling" (= 100 Groschen), exchange rate: 10.000 Kronen = 1 Schilling
1926 ÖSTERREICHISCHE TABAK-REGIE opens a factory at Dübendorf, Zürich (Switzerland)
1938 March, 13th - Austria becomes part of Germany, the Austrian "Schilling" gets replaced by German "Reichsmark" (exchange rate: 1,50 Schilling = 1 Reichsmark)
1946 German "Reichsmark" gets replaced by new Austrian "Schilling"
1955 Austria becomes again a sovereign state
197? Tar and Nicotine content gets printed on the packs
1982 Health warnings appear at side of the pack
1995 Austria becomes part of the European Union
July, 1st - new health warnings at pack front starting with "Die EU-Gesundheitsminister:"
1996 January, 1st - maximum tar gets reduced to 15mg
1997 AUSTRIA TABAK gets privatized
1998 January, 1st - maximum tar gets reduced to 12mg
1999 AUSTRIA TABAK acquires cigarette business of SWEDISH MATCH and renames it to AUSTRIA TABAK SCANDINAVIA at Sweden and AUSTRIA TABAK EESTI at Estonia
2001 AUSTRIA TABAK gets acquired by United Kingdom's GALLAHER
2002 January, 1st - "Schilling" gets replaced by "Euro"
2003 August, 22nd - new big health warnings with white background and black frame (30% of surface at front, 40% at back), no more names like "light" or "mild"
2004 January, 1st - maximum tar gets reduced to 10mg, nicotine to 1.0mg
2006 May, 15th - a minimum price gets installed - 3.25 € for 20 cigarettes
2008 May, 1st - minimum price gets raised to 3.35 € for 20 cigarettes
2009 May, 1st - minimum price gets raised to 3.45 € for 20 cigarettes
2010 March, 4th - EU court of justice revokes minimum price for cigarettes
2011 JT INTERNATIONAL closes last Austrian cigarette production plant, from now on all cigarettes at Austria are imported
2016 January, 1st - consumer protection law which didn't allow packs with less than 20 cigarettes becomes more restrictive - now only packs with 20 or 25 cigarettes are allowed
April - the last cigarette without filter - JONNY - gets discontinued
May, 20th - new pictured health warnings (65% of surface), additional flavours (except menthol) are no longer permitted, tar/nicotine/CO declarations are no longer permitted, terms like "Slims", "without additives", "natural" or "one" are no longer permitted, pillow/square/round/sliding packs are no longer permitted
September - EU court of justice revokes quantity limitations, any quantity equal/higher 20 pieces will be allowed again
2019 May, 20th - all packs have to wear a Track & Trace label
2020 May, 20th - menthol cigarettes are no longer permitted
2021 July, 1st - all packs have to wear the additional warning FILTER ENTHÄLT KUNSTSTOFF, covering 25% of the remaining space at rear