My collection lists the producer and the trade mark owner for each pack. Please don't take these informations too serious - since globalization makes things quite complicate. I can often only guess or depend on informations I found on other internet sites. Today there are mainly global players and some national manufactures which are selling under thousands of different brand names using partly names which have been private cigarette producers in former days. Most packages show just one company name without any information if this is the trade mark owner, the producer, the license taker or the distributor.

this background color stands for regular cigarettes
menthol cigarettes
glove (kretek) cigarettes
glove & menthol cigarettes
cigarettes with other herbs or aromatics

Most wanted cigarettes for my collection:

Nil (from Austria)
Introduced in 1901 by Kaiserlich Königliche Tabak-Regie (the Austrian Tobacco Monopoly) it was one of the most beutiful packs ever at Austria until the end of the monarchy when it changed to a simple grey pack. Left version around 1905, right version around 1915
Wooden-Kimona Nails (from USA)
It seems to be the very first pack with death as the subject. Introduced in 1923 by Batt Brothers Tobacco Company it uses a common slang expression of the 1920's - "wooden kimona", which means coffin. I believe it's quite remarkable that already 90 years ago a tobacco company called it's product a coffin nail.

Special thanks to following people which helped me with my collection:

ARGENTINA Mario David Torossi and his parents, Néstor Adrián Coronel
AUSTRIA Andrea Halla and her father, Anna Kranich, Benjamin Blahous, Bernhard Schober, Brigitte Leutgeb, Charlotte Rabitz, Christian Schütz, Claudia Kranich, Cristina Trimbacher, David Meijer, Dietmar Goritschnig, Elena Ninkov and her mother, Erich Swoboda (†), Franz Koch and his mother, Fritz Führer, Fritz Gunczy, Georg Gunczy, Gerhard Binder, Gertrudis Kretschmer, Harald Pokieser, Hedi Kurz, Helga Hartinger, Helmut Grabenweger, Herbert Kranich, Herbert Zach, Hermann Dräxler, Hermann Huber, Hermann Winklhofer, Joachim Hainzl, Kathrin Pospischil, Klaus Hebein, Konrad Hebein, Kurt Schindler, Lisa und Alarich Riß, Mandana Göderle and her father, Manfred Christ, Manuela Kaitna, Maria und Norbert Deweis, Marion Mitteröcker, Markus Mayer, Martin Bohnstedt, Martin Paga, Mei An Prantl and her parents and grandparents, Michael Gunczy, Michael Jansky, Mürsid Bicer, Oliver Suchocki, Otto Benischke, Otto Strohschneider, Peter Pirsch, Peter Schak, Peter Siegl, Renate Benedikt (†), Robert Anderka, Rüdiger Frank, Sabine Edinger, Stefan Kraser, Szymon Blachuta, Walter Liewehr, Wolfgang Chladek, Wolfgang Pfleger
BELARUS Vladimir Rumynski
BRAZIL Sebastião Pereira
CANADA Will Stotesbury-Leeson
CHINA Tianxiang Yang
DENMARK Flemming Valore
FINLAND Jukka Kettunen, Mikael Pekkala, Teppo Järvinen
FRANCE Emmanuel Vigneron, Jean-Philippe Coldeboeuf, Régis Houel
GERMANY Andrea Krella, Frank Leidig, Frank Scheuren, Horst Dauck, Joachim Starck, Klaus Kaitna, Matthias Horr, Peter Kemp, Peter Siepe, René Dommerich, Theo Rütter, Uli Haas, Volker Jung, Wolfgang Sechser, Wolfgang Vorbeck
GREECE Giorgos Voyiatzis, Lampros Alexopoulos, Sotiris Liokaris
HONG KONG Eddie Chan
HUNGARY Peter Novak
INDIA Rony Ghose, Sreedhar Reddy Dhanireddy
ISRAEL Edward Wiener, Michael Engel
ITALY Claudio Rebecchi (†), Francesco Ragaini, Giorgio Cozzi
JAPAN Ikuo Enju
LITHUANIA Vytautas Strikauskas
MALAYSIA Hock Koon Song, Paul Ho, Teck Wah Yu
NORWAY Kjell Heggelid, Svein Martin Pedersen
POLAND Mariusz Nielipiński
PORTUGAL Luis Miguel Palmeira, Virgãílio Vilela
RUSSIA Igor Sergeev, Konstantin Jurievich Aristarhov, Mikhail Elkin, Roman Zhukovskiy, Vladimir Novikov
SPAIN David Lopez Ortiz
SWEDEN Jan Jonsson
SWITZERLAND Maddalena Tognola
TAIWAN Andrew S. Chen, Kuo Hsun Huang, Paul Liu
UKRAINE Vladimir Potapenko
UNITED KINGDOM Daniel Sanford, Stuart Grey