1869 Foundation of tobacco factory at VILNIUS
1918 As a result of Worl War I Lithuania becomes again an own state (before that it was part of Russia), but parts of todays Lithuania belong at this time to Germany (Klaipeda) and Poland (Vilnius)
1922 Currency "German Eastmark" gets replaced by "Litas" (exchange rate: 10 Litas = 1 US Dollar)
1940 Lithuania becomes again part of Russia
1941 currency "Litas" gets replaced by "Russian Ruble" (exchange rate: 1 Litas = 0.9 Ruble)
Lithuania gets occupied by Germany
1944 Lithuania becomes again part of Russia
1981 introduction of health warnings
1990 Lithuania declares itself as an independent state
1991 August, 5th - currency "Talonas" gets introduced as a parallel currency to the "Russian Ruble"
1992 October, 1st - currency "Talonas" becomes the only valid currency
1993 PHILIP MORRIS acquires the state tobacco factory at KLAIPEDA
June, 23rd - currency "Talonas" gets replaced by "Litas" (exchange rate: 1 Litas = 100 Talonas)
199? introduction of front health warnings
199? Closure of KAUNAS
2004 1st of May - Lithuania becomes member of the European Union
Introduction of new big health warnings with white background and black frame
2015 1st of January - currency "Litas" gets replaced by "Euro" (exchange rate: 1 Euro = 3.4528 Litas)