1512 Portugal is the first European country to cultivate tobacco
1561 The tobaco plant gets named TABACUM NICOTIANA after Jean Nicot de Villemain, the French ambassador in Lisboa
1866 Foundation of FÁBRICA DE TABACOS MICAELENSE at Azores
1883 Foundation of FÁBRICA DE TABACOS ESTRELA at Azores
1910 king Emanuel II. gets overthrown, Portugal becomes a republic
1911 currency "Reis" gets replaced by "Escudo"
1921 Foundation of EMPRESA MADEIRENSE DE TABACOS at Madeira
1927 Foundation of A TABAQUEIRA (by Alfredo da Silva) and COMPANHIA PORTUGUESA DE TABACOS
1958 A TABAQUEIRA produces it's first cigarette with filter called SG
1975 A TABAQUEIRA and INTAR get nationalized
1976 Foundation of TABAQUEIRA E.P. by merger of A TABAQUEIRA and INTAR
1986 Portugal becomes part of the European Union
1991 TABAQUEIRA E.P. changes it's name to TABAQUEIRA S.A.
1992 Introduction of front health warnings
1993 Tar gets limited to a maximum of 15mg
1997 PHILIP MORRIS acquires 65% of TABAQUEIRA S.A. 
1998 Tar gets limited to a maximum of 12mg
2000 PHILIP MORRIS raises it's share of TABAQUEIRA S.A.  to 99%
2002 January, 1st - "Escudo" gets replaced by "Euro", exchange rate: 200,482 Escudos = 1 Euro
2003 new big health warnings with white background and black frame (45% of surface at front, 55% at back), no more names like "light" or "mild"
2004 January, 1st - maximum tar gets reduced to 10mg, nicotine to 1.0mg