Abdulla Cigaretten Kompanie GmbH, located at Berlin and Hamburg, Germany
Adkin, located at United Kingdom
Adler-Company, located at Dresden, Germany
OOO Altadis Balkan Star, located at Leningradskij Prospekt D.47 Str.2, 125167 Moscow, Russia
Altadis Finland Oy, located at Helsinki, Finland
Altadis Polska S.A., located at ul. Tytoniowa 2/6, 26-600 Radom, Poland
Altadis S.A., located at Eloy Gonzalo, 10, 28010 Madrid, Spain
Atika Cigarettenfabrik GmbH, located at Dresden and Hamburg, Germany
Badische Tabakmanufaktur Roth-Händle GmbH, located at Industriehof 6, 77933 Lahr, Germany
ZAO "Balkanskaya Zvezda" (Balkan Star), located at ul. Pobedy 22, 150040 Yaroslavl, Russia
Bastos, located at Hamburg, Germany
Bastos du Canada Ltd., located at Louiseville, Québec, Canada
OOO Berenson-S, located at Volgograd, Russia
Bostanjoglo Cigarettenmanufaktur GmbH, located at Hamburg, Germany
Brankston & Co., located at United Kingdom
Carlton Cigarettenfabrik, located at Hamburg, Germany
Cavallos, located at Germany
Commonwealth Brands Inc., located at 900 Church Street, Bowling Green, Kentucky 42101, USA
Commonwealth Brands Inc., located at 301 N.Scales Street, Reidsville, North Carolina 27323, USA
Compañia Arrendaria de Tabacos, located at Spain
Consolidated Cigar Corporation, located at Secaucus, New Jersey, 07094 USA
CSTP Bratislava, located at Bratislava, Slovakia
W.A. & A.C. Churchman, located at Ipswich, United Kingdom
CINTA (Compagnie Indépendante des Tabacs S.A.), located at Culliganlaan 2D, 1831 Diegem, Belgium
W.W. Clarke & Son, located at Cork and Liverpool and London, United Kingdom
Compagnie Laferme, located at Germany
Constantin Cigarettenmanufaktur GmbH, located at Hannover and Hamburg, Germany
Debrecen, located at Hungary
Delta Cigarettenfabrik, located at Dresden, Germany
Dixi Cigarettenfabrik, located at Erfurt, Germany
Eckstein Cigarettenfabrik GmbH, located at Hamburg, Germany
EMESTA (Empresa Española de Tabacos SL), located at Madrid, Spain
Fabrika Duvana Sarajevo, located at Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina
W. & F. Faulkner Ltd., located at London, United Kingdom
Fribourg & Treyer, located at United Kingdom
Frigo, located at Germany
F.T. Inc., located at Plattsburgh, New York, USA
G. Zuban, located at Munich, Germany
Habanos S.A., located at 3ra No.2006 e/ 20 y 22, Miramar, ciudad de La Habana, Cuba (50% ownership, other 50% belong to Cubatabaco)
Halpaus (Gebrüder), located at Wrocław, Poland
Harrods of Knightsbridge, located at London, England, United Kingdom
Imparcial Cigaretten Herstellungsgesellschaft mbH, located at Hamburg, Germany
Imperial Tobacco Australia Ltd., located at 7 Hassall Street, Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia
Imperial Tobacco Group Plc, located at Upton Road, Southville, Bristol BS99 7UJ, England, United Kingdom
Imperial Tobacco Polska S.A., located at ul. Przemyslowa 1, 62-080 Tarnowo Podgórne, Poland
Imperial Tobacco Ltd., located at Nottingham NG7 5PR, United Kingdom
Imperial Tobacco Nederland, located at Postbus 63, 8500 AB Joure, Netherlands
Imperial Tobacco Sigara Ve Tütüncülük A.S., located at Manisa, Turkey
J & F Bell, located at United Kingdom
J. Athanasiou & Co. S.A., located at Bern, Switzerland
J. Vidal, located at Alger, Algeria
J.S.N.M., located at France
Jasmatzi, located at Dresden, Germany
Job, located at Alger, Algeria
Societé Job, located at Bastia, Corsica, France
John Player & Sons, located at Nottingham, United Kingdom
Josetti Cigaretten-Herstellung GmbH, located at Dresden and Hamburg, Germany
Kar-Mitri, located at Germany
Kyivska Tyutyunova Fabrika, located at Kiev, Ukraine
Kontrakt Tabak, located at Moscow, Russia
Kreyssel, located at Wiesbaden, Germany
L&A Tobacco Company Inc., located at Richmond, Virginia, USA
La Real Fabrica de Tabacos de Partagas, located at Spain
Lambert & Butler, located at London, United Kingdom
Lao Tobacco Company, located at Km 8 Tha Deua Road, Vientiane, Laos
Lao Tobacco Limited, located at Km 8 Tha Deua Road, Vientiane, Laos
Lao-China Good Luck Tobacco Company, located at Savannakhet, Laos
Liberty Cigaretten GmbH, located at Frankfurt, Germany
Liby, located at Germany
Maison Job S.A., located at Geneve, Switzerland
Majkapar (A.S.), located at Berlin, Germany
Makedonija Tabak, located at 1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
Manoli, located at Berlin and Frankfurt, Germany
Manufacture Corse de Tabacs Job Bastos (M/C/T/J/B Tobacco Company), located at Corsica, France
Manufacture Corse de Tabacs S.A. (MACOTAB), located at R.N. 193 Furiani, 20600 Bastia, Corsica, France
Manufacture de Cigarettes du Tchad (MCT), located at Moundou, Chad
Manufacture de l'État, located at France
Manufacture de Tabacs de l'Ouest Africain, located at Dakar, Senegal
Manufacture de Tabacs Juan Bastos
Manufacture Française des Tabacs, located at France
Nederlandse Tobacco Company B.V., located at Naarden, Netherlands
Norman Young Company
Nortak GmbH, located at Nordhausen, Germany
Ogden, located at United Kingdom
Paradise Tobacco Company Ltd., located at Cambodia
Park Avenue Tobacco Inc., located at Vienna, Virginia, USA
Park Lane Tobacco Company Ltd., located at Park House, Park Street, Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 1SL, United Kingdom
Peter Stuyvesant Cigaretten GmbH, located at Hamburg, Germany
Polo Cigarettenfabrik Lahr GmbH, located at Merzig and Lahr, Germany
ZPT Radom (Zaklady Przemyslu Tytoniowego w Radomiu), located at ul. Tytoniowa 2/6, 26-600 Radom, Poland
Reemtsma Cigarettenfabriken GmbH, located at Parkstraße 51, 22605 Hamburg, Germany
Reemtsa Debreceni Dohánygyár Kft, located at Buda Square Center, Lajos utca 48-66, 1036 Budapest, Hungary
Reemtsma Polska S.A, located at ul. Przemyslowa 1, 62-080 Tarnowo Podgórne, Poland
Reemtsma Ukraine, located at Kiev, Ukraine
Régie des Tabacs Maroc (Tobacco Monopoly of Morocco), located at Rue Ahmed El Figuigui 87, Casablanca 03, Morocco
Rettig & Co, located at Turku, Finland
Rettig-Strengberg Oy, located at Finland
Reval Cigarettenfabrik GmbH, located at Lahr, Germany
Rizla, located at Breda, Holland, Netherlands
Saarländische Tabakregie, located at Germany
Saraswati, located at Dresden, Germany
Seita (French Tobacco Monopoly), located at Avenua de France 182-188, 75639 Paris, France
Seita Tupakka, located at Finland
S.I.T. (Slovak International Tabak) a.s., located at Mlynské Nivy c. 54, 82453 Bratislava, Slovakia
F & J Smith, located at Glasgow, United Kingdom
SOCACIG (Sociéte Centrafricaine de Cigarettes SA), located at Bangui, Central African Republic
Société Anonyme des Cigarettes Mélia du Madagascar (S.A.CI.ME.M.), located at 110 Antsirabé, Madagascar
Société des Cigarettes Gabonaises (Sociga), located at Libreville, Gabon
Société des Cigarettes Nationales, located at Senegal
Société Industrielle des Tabacs du Cameroun (SITABAC), located at Douala, Cameroon
Société Industrielle et Agricole du Tabac Tropical (S.I.A.T.), located at Brazzaville, Republic of Congo
Société Internationale de Régie Co-intéressée des Tabacs au Maroc, located at Morocco
Sociéte Ivoirienne de Tabacs (SITAB), located at Côte d'Ivoire
Sociéte Marocaine des Tabacs, located at Morocco
Stephen Mitchell & Sons, located at Glasgow, United Kingdom
Strengberg & Co, located at Pietarsaari, Finland
Sulima, located at Dresden, Germany
Sunset Tobacco Company of Virginia, Inc., located at 200 Park Avenue, New York NY 10166, USA
Tabacalera S.A., located at Alcala 47, 28014 Madrid, Spain
Tabachnaya Fabrika Bishkek, located at Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Tabachnaya Fabrika Frunze, located at Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Tabachnaya Fabrika Reemtsma-Volga, located at ul. Tomskaya 7, 400048 Volgograd, Russia
Tabachnaya Fabrika Volgograd, located at Volgograd, Russia
Tcherkassy (Cherkasy) Tabachnaya Fabrika, located at Tcherkassov, Ukraine
Tobaccor SA, located at Paris, France
Tobacna Ljubljana d.o.o., located at Tobacna Ulica 5, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Tutunski Kombinat Skopje, located at Skopje, Macedonia
Tyutyunova Fabrika Kiev, located at Kiev, Ukraine
Van Nelle Tabak, located at Rotterdam, Netherlands
VEB Tabak Nordhausen, located at Nordhausen, Germany
Waldorf Astoria, located at Hamburg, Germany
Waldorf Astoria Cigarette Company Inc., located at New York, USA
Waldorf Astoria International, located at Munich, Germany
W.D. & H.O. Wills, located at Bristol and London, United Kingdom
West Park Tobacco Inc., located at 8315 Lee Davis Rd., Suite 306, Mechanicsville, Richmond, Virginia VA 23111, USA
Wytwórnia Wyrobów Tytoniowych w Poznaniu S.A., located at Poznan, Poland
Yaroslavskaya Tabachnaya Fabrika , located at Yaroslavl, Russia
Yenidze GmbH, located at Hamburg, Germany
Zuban Cigaretten GmbH, located at Hamburg, Germany

Founded in 1901 by merger of 13 british tobacco companies (dominated by WILLS family, head of the family was Lord Winterstoke) like JOHN PLAYER, LAMBERT & BUTLER, W.D. & H.O. WILLS, FRIBOURG & TREYER. Owned by Lord Hanson from 1986 to 1996. Aquires 1998 Dutch DOUWE EGBERT'S VAN NELLE. Aquires 2001 TOBACCOR and distribution rights for MARLBORO in the UK. Buys in 2002 REEMTSMA. Aquires in 2007 COMMONWEALTH BRANDS. Aquires in 2008 ALTADIS. Worldwide 4th biggest tobacco company.

(06), 1812, (21), (3 Carabelas), 57, A, (Abdulla), Academia, (Admiral), (Air France), Al Massira, Alain Delon, (Alaska), (Albatros), (Alex), (Ali), (Almos), (Alte Post), (Amazones), (American), American Dream, American Style, (Amsterdamer), (Anfa), (Anic), (Apache), (Aqa), (Arc-En-Ciel), (Ares), Ariel, (Armiro), (AS), Astor, (Astoria), Atika, (Atlas), (Bachelor), Balkanskaya Zvezda, (Balto), Bastos, (Bataro), (Batschari), Belomorkanal, Benson & Hedges, Berkut, (Bermuda), Bianca, (Biljana), Bisonte, (Bled), (Blue Bell), (Blue Boy), (Blue Way), BN, (Bonanza), Boncalo, (Bond Street), Bonus, (Boon), (Bosco), Boss, (Bostanjoglo Korona), Boston, (Boyards), Brilliant, Brooklyn, BS, Business Club, (C of D), Cabinet, (California), Camel, Camelia, Cameo, (Canberra), (Candida), (Caneo), Capstan, (Caravan), Cárda, (Cardiff), (Carioca), (Carlsson), (Carlton), Casa, (Casa Sports), Celtas, (Celtique), Centra, (Champagne), (Cherkaski), (Chevignon), (Churchman's), (Cigarella), (Cigarettes de Troupe), (Claridge), Classic, (Clea), (Clever), (Club 20), Cohiba, (Collie), (Colonel), (Colonial), Colt, (Comtessa), (Comunes Hebra), (Constantin), (Consul), (Corsaire), (Craven), (Crazy), (Cyrnea), Dakhla, Dalila, (Daniel Boon), Davidoff, (Délibáb), Delta, (Derby), Diana, (Die Nacht der Sinne), Diplomat, (Disque d'Or), (Dixi), (Dnipro), Downtown, (Drava), (Dream), (Drina), Drum, (Družba), Druzhina, du Maurier, Dubliss, Ducados, Duett, (Dunhill), (Echt Orient), (Eckstein No.3), Eckstein No.5, Ekstra Mocne, (Elegantes), (Ellis), Embassy, (En A'ala), (Entrefinos), Ernte 23, (Erste Sorte), Escort, (Especiales), (ess cee), (Euro), (Europa), Excellence, Expres, Extra '91, (Extra Mild 5), Fabergé, Fairwind, (Faisan), Favorites, Fénix, (Fennia), (Filter 100), (Filter 101), Fine, (Finos de Hebra), Five Stars, (Flash), (Flint), (Florida), (FM), Fönix, (Fontenoy), Fortuna, (Forum), Fox, Française, Free Bird, (Fribourg & Treyer), Fusion, (Gala), Gallia, (Ganador), Gauloises, (Gelbe Sorte), (George Sand), Gitanes, (Godewind), Gold Coast, (Gold Flake), (Gold Mark), Golden Club, (Golden Dawn), Golden Gate, Good Look, (Grand Prix), Habanos, Hamilton, (Hansa), Harrods, (Hartford), (Havana Blacks), (HB), (Helios), (Hi-Lite), (Hidalgos), (High-Life), (Hoco), (Hombre), Hong Kong, Honghua, Horizon, Hua, (Hudson), (Hunnia), (Hunter), (Ibar), (Ideales), Imp Klasik, (Imperial), Imperial Classic, Imperial Style, inka, Iris, (Isère), Iskra, (Ister), Jakson's, (Janis), (Jazz), JOB, John Brandon, John Player, John Player Gold Leaf, John Player Special, Jonnee, (Josetti), (Jugoslavija), Juno, (Juwel), K2, (Kalliste), Kane NYC, Kasbah, Kebir, Kennings, (Kevyt), (Kim), (King), (King George), Kings, (Kingsmen), Klubi, (Klubowe), (Knightsbridge), Korona, Kosmos, Koutoubia, (Królewskie), (Kur'er), (Kurier), Kvarner, Kyiv, Kyrgistan, L&B, La Ronde, (Lady), (Laferme), Lambert & Butler, (Lambeth), (Lara), (Laser), (Le Mans), Le Royale Club, Lem Thong, (Leo), (Levant), (Liberty), (Linde), Lola, (Lord), Louka, (Lucky Strike), (Lucy Doraine), (Ludowy), (Luna), Macho, (Maeva), Maghreb, (Makedonia), Malibu, (Malta), (Mana), (Manoli Privat), (Manolux), (Marigny), (Markizy), Marlboro, Marquise, Mars, Marvel, Master, Matinee, Maxim, (Maxwel), MC, (MDM), Medallion, (Medovi), (Mekka), (Melba), Mélia, Mentola, (Mentolowe), Mercedes, (Milford), (Milla), (Mintip), Mint'up, (Mirazh), (Mistral), Mocne, Monaco, (Mont Blanc), (Montana), Montclair, Monte-Carlo, Monte Cristo, Monterrey, Moon, (Morava), (Morgan), MT, Mustang, Muzhik, N.Y.C., (Naja), Nationales, Nelson, News, Nobel, (Norta), (Number One), (Oberst), (Old Gold), (Olympia), Olympic, Omar Sharif, (Omega), (Opal), (Opéra), (Optima), (Orientales), (Ova), (Ovation), (Paladena), (Pall Mall), (Panier), Paramont, Paramount, Parisiennes, Parker & Simpson, Partagas, (Particular), Partner, (Passing Clouds), (Passport), (Pause), Peter Stuyvesant, (Philtres), Phou Kout, (Piast), Piper, Pilot, (Plaskie), (Player), Player's, (Player's No.10), (Player's No.3), Player's No.6, Player's P&S, Player's Virginia N°6, Player's Weights, (Poker), Polo, Polyot, Populares, Popularne, Poznańskie, (Prazdnichnye), Premier, (President), Prima, Primo, (Private), (Pteo), Qionghua, (Quality), R1, R6, Radomskie, (Rallye), (Ramses), Raut, Red Fortune Bamboo, (Reem), (Reemtsma), (Reemtsma International), (Reemtsma No.1), Regal, (Remter), (Reno), Reval, (Rex), (Rhodian), Riad, (Rich & Light), Richmond, Riviera, (Robin), (Rocio), Rodeo, Romeo y Julieta, Ronson, Roth-Händle, (Rothschild), (Rout), Route 66, (Roy), Royale, Royale Club, (Saba), (Safari), Salem, (Sarajevo), (Savoy), Savuke, (Seitanes), Selesta, Senoussi, (Senussi), (Set), (Severnye), (Sevilla), (Shelburne), Siat, Silk Cut, (Silva Long), Slavutych, Smart, (Sobranie), Solo, Sombra, Sonoma, Soraya, (Sorte 1), (Sotheby's), Spike, (Sport), Sprint, (Stanford), Star, (Stil), (Stołeczne), Stolichni, Stolichnye, Strela, Style, (Sulima), Sunset, (Superiores), Superkings, (Svyatkovi), (Swing), Symphonia, T & L, (Tabȧn), (Tatry), (télé monte carlo), Templeton, (Tempo), The Best, The Blue, (The Garrick), The Imperial, The Red, Tiger, (Time), (Times), Titanic, Top, (Torn), Trend, (Trumpeter), (Tula), (Turist), (Twenty Gold), (Työmies), (Ukrainski), un X 2, USA Gold, (Vanguard), Vatra, (Vente Restreinte), Vegas, (Vera), (Vicomte), (Viking), (VK), (Waldorf), (Warta), (Waverley), (Week-End), West, (Westlook), (Wiarus), (Wild Woodbine), Windsor Blue, Winns, Woodbine, (Wrisco), (XXXVI. Tabak Kolloquium), (Yaset), (Yo), (Yubileiniye), (Yugo), (Zaporozhtsi), Zaporshzy, Zawisza, (Zenit), (Zino), Zolotoye Koltso, (Zora), (Zoryani), Zuban